15 Trampoline Safety Tips | Best helpful Guide 2022

You should be aware of trampoline safety tips because, on vacations, families love to enjoy and play on a trampoline because it’s a great way of entertainment and you can use it all alone or with your family. Trampolines are not just used for playing or jumping, it is also used by gymnasts and for fitness too.

However, jumping can be fun on a trampoline unless you do the instructions otherwise it can be an alarming situation for you.

In this article, you’ll collect information about some trampoline safety tips which can make your trampoline usage secure and you can enjoy playing on it for a long time. 

trampoline safety tips

Let’s get into the details!

15 Best Trampoline Safety Tips:

There are some tips for the safety reasons which you must follow such as;

Never Allow More Than One Person To Jump At A Time Because Collisions Can Cause Injury:

As everyone knows that trampolines are the best sources of enjoyment and having fun. Everyone gets excited about playing on a trampoline, especially kids. While jumping, the safety of an individual matters a lot and it should be on your priority list.

Firstly, each trampoline comes with some weight and age limitations which do not allow a person who is overage or overweight. It depends on the quality of the trampoline mat and the size of your trampoline

To begin with, it is not usually allowed for several individuals to use it at a time. As a result, it can be dangerous for the kids and other jumpers. If you own a trampoline and you have kids then it’s your responsibility to inspect them while jumping and do not allow them to jump at one time.

If you have a toddler trampoline, make sure that one jumper should be using the trampoline because it may cause major accidents like your kid falling or other injuries. 

Do Not Install Your Trampoline Near Trees, Fences, Posts, Or Any Other Obstacles That A Child Could Hit In Case of A Fall:

It is very important to decide the place or area for installing a trampoline. It depends on the size and shape of your trampoline for instance if you have a toddler one then you may set it up at your place where the space is quiet enough.

Most often, people who do not have enough space for a large trampoline, buy a toddler trampoline because it meets their requirements. For the installment, enough space not only matters but the clear area matters too. 

In addition, It is recommended that if you are buying a trampoline or have bought it then do not install it near trees, fences, or against other obstacles because it can be dangerous for jumpers and these can hit them in case of falling. It’s not just for the safety concerns even near or under trees, your trampoline will not be cleaned which can also be a danger for the kids.

Always choose a clean and clear area for installing your trampoline because it will be for protecting your kids or other jumpers. To conclude, everyone can have great fun and can experience high jumps safely. 

Ensure All Springs Are In the Correct Position Before Allowing Children To Use the Trampoline:

If you have a trampoline and you have kids too then do inspect them while using that. It’s your responsibility and duty to look at your children while they are playing.

There are some tips before using a trampoline which you must follow because it may help you to avoid future accidents. To inspect your kids for the protection concerns is not only important, the inspection of the trampoline’s parts before its usage is also important.

On vacations, when you will be with your family or friends then check out all the parts of the trampoline especially look for the springs whether they are in their correct position or not.

In case, if they are not then make sure to install them in their proper positions because if they will be in an incorrect position then it can be jeopardized for the kids and other individuals too. It is also suggested to look for rusty springs in your trampoline before you jump to use it. 

Enclose Trampoline With A High Net Around the Structure:

The safety of the jumpers is the priority and it is important to double-check everything in a trampoline before you use it. There are many things to check out or inspect such as rusty springs, installed in an incorrect position, proper enclosure of safety net around the trampoline. Trampolines are a great way of having quality time with your loved ones and this time must be safe as well.

Additionally, safety nets are for the safety of your kids so that they do not fall from the trampoline while jumping. Apart from safety nets, you must set up ladders too because, with the help of it, your kids can come on the trampoline easily.

Double-check for the safety net whether it is enclosed properly or not because in case it’s not then it can be dangerous for your kids and they can fall or may cause major injuries. 

Remove Jewelry:

Trampolines provide a good time with your family and you too have great fun while using them. However, there are some shield tips that you must follow because this can play an important role in the safety of the jumpers.

There should be no object on the trampoline when you are using it. In case, if there will be an object on it then your kids can be hit by them and can cause severe injuries. 

Furthermore, it is recommended that you do not wear jewelry while jumping on the trampoline. You also should not wear shoes and there should be no jewelry on your body.

In case, if you are wearing any kind of jewelry then remove it because you may be hurt by such objects. It’s not just about the jewelry if you have any type of sharp tools then keep them away before playing on the trampoline.

Review the Safety Manuals Included With Your Trampoline Purchase:

For the trampoline, the proper installation is essential for protecting your kids from any kind of injury. When you buy a trampoline whether it is small or large, you always get the safety manuals or get an instructional manual to follow.

If you do not get that then you can contact the manufacturer or retailer from whom you buy this trampoline. It is important to review the safety manuals because they are given some protection-based tips and the steps for installing the trampoline properly.

You can maintain the safety of your kids before using it while following these safety instructions. 

Use Soft Materials Such As Sand Underneath And Around the Trampoline:

In case, if your kid or someone else falls while playing on the trampoline and hits the ground then it may cause severe injury. You must follow all the safety instructions whether they are before or after using it.

It is crucial for you when your children will be playing on a trampoline then before their usage, use soft materials such as sand or wood chips underneath or around the trampoline to provide the soft surface.

As a result, if your kid falls then it will not cause injury while hitting on the ground because he will not be hit directly on the ground but the mild surface. 

Wear Proper Clothing:

Wearing proper clothing while using the trampoline is very important because it can ensure the amount of fun for a long time. When you are about to use the trampoline then be prepared for that. It is suggested for you to wear tight T-shirts instead of loose ones and do not wear skirts and shorts while jumping on the trampoline.

Do not wear socks while playing on the trampoline. You can go for yoga pants because that is acceptable. To tie your hair does not come in clothing but it is crucial to tying them before using that. 

Discourage Somersaults Or Flips:

Trampolines are considered the best partners for having fun with family or alone but the condition is that you must follow the instructions which are for your safety.

Children love to play on a trampoline and sometimes they flip on the trampoline which is not safe for them without the inspection of any adult or parent.

To flip or perform somersaults on a trampoline is allowed for the gymnast because they are trained to do that properly. It is suggested that you do not allow and discourage flips and somersaults for your kids. 

Use the Trampoline Ladder To Get On And Off. Do Not Jump Off the Trampoline Onto the Ground:

You can have great and long-time fun if you follow all the safety instructions properly. As there are other tools or parts that are used to ensure the protection of your kids, the ladder is one of those safety components of a trampoline. When you buy a trampoline then do purchase a ladder to get on and off.

Sometimes, kids just jump from the trampoline on the ground which is not safe for them because it may cause fractures or other injuries. Further, it happens that there is a ladder available to come down but still children get excited to jump from the trampoline on the ground. You must inspect them when they will be playing. 

Do Not Use A Wet/Damp Trampoline:

It is one of the most important safety tips which you must follow. You must clean the trampoline before using it because it will be a great idea for ensuring the protection of your kids.

People who live at a place where there is snowfall or rainy days and your trampoline might be outside in such weather conditions. Your trampoline may get wet due to snow or rain then you must clean it and dry it before using it.

You can let it dry under the sun for some time. Make sure to not use a trampoline when it’s damp because it can be dangerous and you may have neck or back injuries. 

Ensure There Are No Objects Below the Trampoline Before Using It:

After ensuring that there is no object on the trampoline mat, it is essential to make sure as well that there will not be any object under the trampoline too.

It is because while jumping it may hurt the jumpers and it will not be safe for them at all. It is recommended for you to ensure the absence of objects such as chairs or other objects under it before its usage.

Do Not Use the Trampoline Under the Influence of Drugs Or Alcohol: 

In a condition when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, do not use a trampoline because you may get neck, head, back injuries, or fractures too. You are inhibited because when you are under the influence you will not be able to maintain your balance and may fall. 

Ensure Adult Supervision:

If you have kids and also have a trampoline then it’s your utmost duty to inspect your kids during their playtime on the trampoline. There should always be an adult supervisor who can supervise the children so that they can have fun in a completely safe way. Never leave your children alone when they’ll be using the trampoline and always make sure the adult supervision. 

Always Use Common Sense While Using Trampoline:

While using a trampoline, use common sense for the safety concerns such as;

  1. Make sure to install the trampoline surface on ground level.
  2. In the presence of a safety net, still, inspect your kids while jumping.
  3. Keep in mind the weight and age limitations for safety.
  4. Do not allow a kid under 6 years to use a trampoline.
  5. The setup area must be cleared and cleaned.
  6. Do check out the trampoline frequently and clean it.
  7. Always ask your kids to jump in the middle of the trampoline.


Jumping on a trampoline can be great fun, on the other hand, it can be risky as well. Using a  trampoline for a kid under 6 years is not allowed however, above 6 can use it but in a safe manner with using trampoline safety tips.

It is not a tough task to follow the above-discussed tips because these can save you from different kinds of injuries and can reduce the chances of risks. Once you have followed them then you can have quality and safe moments of your life with your loved ones.