10 In Ground Sunken Trampoline Problems with Pros and Cons in 2023

Okay so you’re here for some knowledge about sunken trampoline problems, and also looking for in ground trampoline pros and cons! We got you, here we have our detailed article for you. Well, In a …

Sunken Trampoline Problems

Okay so you’re here for some knowledge about sunken trampoline problems, and also looking for in ground trampoline pros and cons! We got you, here we have our detailed article for you.

Well, In a sunken trampoline, the bottom is connected to the ground. This allows children and their parents to play on it without worrying about falling off or getting hurt because they can’t get any higher than what’s safe for them.

The design of this type of trampoline creates an all-around fun experience, whether you’re jumping high into the air or bouncing up and down from your feet!

And the concept was developed to provide safe and fun activities for children while they learn how to jump on a regular-sized trampoline with safety measures in place.

Sunken, buried, underground, or in-ground trampolines are trampolines installed on the grounds. Whether it entails backyard recreation or a business venture, sunken trampolines are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

Their flexibility is what sets them apart from other types of outdoor trampoline setups, as the design can be altered to fit any landscaping and provide for an environment that enhances your lifestyle.

Mostly Trampoline lovers prefer in-ground Trampolines, because of the interesting and distinctive features they have and the look they provide.

In Ground Trampoline Pros and Cons:

Not to be missed in-ground Trampolines have some drawbacks also known as Sunken Trampoline Problem. And we’re more than happy to share these in ground trampoline pros and cons with you so, you can make a decision:

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10 Sunken Trampoline Benefits:

Allows you to Jump higher

One of the best benefits of inground trampoline fitness is that it brings you to a higher level of physical fitness.

In fact, studies have shown that women and men who take up Sunken Trampoline training are able to jump higher than the average person. This is large because the lower body strength is improved with trampoline workouts.

It gives your Backyard a Unique look

You can also place in-ground trampolines in front of your house. This will add to the look of the front of your house. You can even place the in-ground trampolines in the backyard. This will give your backyard a unique look.

With all the above-mentioned options, you can decide which in-ground trampoline suits best to your home and garden. With a little change in the color schemes, you can easily change the look of your garden.

You can also put a small bench or a table under the sunken trampoline to make it more comfortable for kids sitting on the bench or table to jump.

If you have a backyard and children’s activities are the main reason for having a backyard, the in-ground trampoline is the ideal choice for you.

In-ground trampoline is safer for your kids than other activities you can do at home. It doesn’t require you to keep an eye on your kids all the time.

It is Safe for Kids

As trampoline jumping is a relatively new sport, there is not a lot of data on how trampolines affect the long-term health of your bones.

However, research does suggest that air-based trampoline activities might negatively impact your bone health. This is because of the increased risk of fractures when landing from jumping as well as the fact that jumping puts pressure on your bones.

However, In-ground trampolines do not have sides, so there are no risks of falling off the trampoline. In addition, it is more convenient to install in-ground trampolines as compared to purchasing an expensive one with a metal frame.

In-ground trampolines are more durable and last longer than the other types of trampolines.

It Requires low Maintenance

Also, it does not need a lot of monitoring when it comes to its height and its inflation. All the user needs to do is check it once in a while and ensure that it is still in the same place.

End users can also do some light maintenance to make the trampoline last longer.

You can also keep your trampoline in a well-ventilated area to prevent it from being rusted. Also, try to avoid exposure to excess moisture and direct sunlight to extend the life of your trampoline.

It Allows Using the Space

Additionally, you can also invite your friends and family members to play basketball, volleyball, and other sports activities on the in-ground trampoline.

If you have kids, they will have a lot of fun jumping from the trampoline. If you have pets, you can also let them run around. Your pet will have a lot of fun too. In short, the in-ground trampolines are suitable for all ages and all types of people.

You can also use the trampoline as a bench, or a changing table for your little one’s clothes, or even as a table for your snacks!

The possibilities are endless, and all thanks to the versatility of this indoor activity. In addition, the trampoline is a safe and easy way to get your kids moving.

It Protects the brain

Trampolining has been scientifically proven to improve balance, coordination, and proprioception. What does this mean? All of these benefits help your brain stay healthy and in some cases, prolong your life.

No matter what age or how much you exercise regularly, the human brain ages at a rate of about 2% per year (according to Scientific American).

This means that if you’re 25 years old, your brain is already 10% older than it would be otherwise. That’s why it’s important to keep your brain healthy by exercising regularly and using an inground trampoline to get a workout.

Improve balance

Improving your balance is one of the biggest benefits of sunken trampoline. With its low-impact, high-intensity workout style, there’s no need for any expensive equipment or gym memberships to get a great workout. All you have to do is hop on a trampoline and you’ll see what I mean.

It is a lot Quieter

It is important to know that a sunken trampoline is a lot quieter than most people think it is. The trampoline does make noise, but it is not nearly as loud as most people think.

A lot of people do not want the trampoline because of the noise. The best option is to have it in an open area where it will not disturb anyone.

Gives more Fun times

We all know how much fun a trampoline can be, and it’s no different when you do it as a workout. You can jump, twist, and turn without putting any pressure on your joints or bones. And there’s no impact on your feet with this fitness trend.

It gives you Freedom

The in-ground trampoline also provides a safe and healthy way to play than climbing ropes and climbing frames. It can also reduce stress, improve blood flow, and lower blood pressure.

In-ground trampoline can be used by people of all ages and physical conditions. It is recommended that you do consult your doctor before starting your first in-ground trampoline.

In-ground trampoline can be used for a variety of activities like jumping, skylifting, bouncing, rolling, tumbling, and acrobatics. So, in-ground trampoline can be used for different activities and can be adapted for your needs.

10 Sunken Trampoline Problems:

No Portability

In-ground trampolines are difficult to move, as they require a huge amount of effort and resources. They also have the potential to cause serious damage if not installed properly in order for them to be usable.

On top of that above-ground trampoline allows easier access when changing locations. The main downside with this type of system is that because the installation requires digging into concrete/land; you won’t find many places where you can install these types without doing some work first.

It has High Installing Costs

Buying a trampoline yourself is an affordable and environmentally friendly decision. You can also save some money by installing your own trampoline, which generally costs around $50-$150 depending on the brand you purchase.

But you may also get help for this. A professional with a lot of experience may charge you more than $100, but the overall process is much faster if you use their expertise. 

Apart from the cost mentioned above, there are no extra costs for a Trampoline. But if you are to install an in-ground Trampoline you would have to consider several costs.

Overall setup cost will rise more than the usual above-ground Trampolines. The costs include hole digging, reinforced wall building, drainage preparation, and uneven surface leveling around the trampoline among others.

Thus, these systems require more specialized skills to install adequately.

It is best that you hire professionals for this task if possible because it will save time and energy for both parties involved in terms of installing these systems properly. So, eventually, you need to bear the cost for an expert (for installation) too.

Requires Longer Installation Time

There are many considerations to be made when making a purchase decision for your trampoline. Price is one of the biggest factors.

In-ground trampolines are a more labor-intensive product and costlier to install. They also require more time and effort from you than traditional ones.

However, if you’re looking for a piece of exercise equipment that will give better long-term results or want to start doing some cardio exercises like running on top of your backyard trampoline instead of at the gym then buying an in-ground option might be worth it for you!

Water Drainage Problems

In the event of heavy rain, when the level of water exceeds eight inches in your yard or six if you’re just having issues with sand. stagnant water may create problems for your in-ground trampoline.

If you notice water accumulating in the trampoline or around the frame, you should take necessary actions to prevent that. Subsequently, it is best to get rid of any old materials that might block drainage and install a sump pump nearby.

The last option would be to seek professional assistance from an expert who can help drain away excess water as soon as possible before damage occurs.

Install a drain pipe under the trampoline area to ensure that water flows away and isn’t pooling. This will prevent mold buildup, too!

Requires Ventilation Clearance

The features of the sunken trampoline are designed to allow airflow. In a confined space like a backyard, airflow is essential for good bouncing on the trampoline.

The more open and flowing this area is, the better it will be when jumping on any type of model or design you choose to buy.

If you want your child (or yourself) to enjoy their time on a sunken trampoline without complications, then I do not recommend buying an above-ground model which would indeed have a bigger bounce due to the airflow. The in-ground trampoline is mostly for small kids, to give them a better time. 

It’s always a good idea to know what you’re getting yourself into before buying any type of trampoline. If it looks like too much bounce for your taste, then an 8-inch high option is better than a 12-inch model.

However, if the height isn’t going to be an issue and you plan on purchasing one anyway, just make sure that there are proper provisions for airflow.

Although experts recommend the installation to be 8-inch higher from the ground for a good bounce. Additionally, a trampoline frame pad could be the way to go.

Make Garden rearranging Hard

The trampoline is now part of the garden. It’s an interesting addition to this family’s backyard. The drawback is that you can’t rearrange the garden with a sunken Trampoline in the same place. That’s a great problem.

Still, you want to rearrange the backyard without taking into account that there is only one spot where guests can enter during your party and trampoline time.

You have to plan with this limitation in mind so no one gets mad at you when they’re trying to get inside but finding it impossible due to the lack of space for them!

When you’re trying to find a place for the trampoline, it’s best not to block your view. If possible, try and choose a spot that won’t have any obstructions. It is also recommended that you dig around the hole before installing so as no small roots can cause damage during installation.

Need backyard Soil Strength

The soil should be of good quality to ensure that the trampoline will not sink in or crumble down. If you find too-soft soil, it might cause the trampoline to break apart and make an accident worse than when first installed.

Soil with high moisture might also make installation difficult for you if your backyard is receiving lots of rainfalls throughout the year which may wash away your foundation into ground water quickly as well as provide bacteria and other organisms that can easily grow on wet grounds making them unsafe.

The trampoline should be installed in a firm, flat surface. In the case of weak soil, install deeper reinforcement and support to avoid damaging pipes or structural damage.

A professional can assess your area for suitability as well as provide recommendations on how deep to dig into the ground before installing your trampoline pad and it comes to its own cost.

Requires to Measure Hole Size

You need to be very cautious while digging holes for the Trampoline. A swallow hole can cause accidents and lead to serious injuries.

If the trampoline is on a hard surface, such as concrete or tarmac, an A-frame cover can be used to prevent it from moving around.

If you have enough space in your yard and want to use this method for securing your trampoline with wooden blocks instead of nails then consider using a hinge that will allow easy access when necessary but secure the frame against movement.

Can easily be Accessed by Frenzied Animals

The installation of a buried trampoline does not restrict anyone from getting into it. This is hazardous too. The jumping bed is on the same level as the ground and can easily be accessed by pets or frenzied animals, even snakes might come onto it.

Reliable fences are designed to provide a secure, easy-to-use solution for keeping animals from getting into dangerous areas. The design is usually constructed with sturdy material such as wire or netting that keeps the animal out of the area and away from any potential harm.

Growing Plants is also a Problem

Another point to consider is the growth of plants and weeds in the Trampoline pit. If you don’t treat them on time they may come out of the Trampoline mat.

To keep the trampoline clean and out of dirt, it is important to place a geotextile product at the bottom of the hole. This is a simple solution to this problem.

As long as the bottom of your trampoline frame is covered with geotextile, you will be able to maintain your backyard and enjoy it for years!

In-Ground Sunken Trampolines Vs Above Ground Trampolines:

The differences between these two trampoline types are quite significant. We’ll elaborate them below;

Cost Effective

It is also important to consider the cost of installation, which can be an additional expense. Sunken trampolines are more expensive than above-ground models with their own frame and connected springs or bungee cords.

However, this extra price comes along with added safety features such as reinforced edges for support and a higher quality build material for increased longevity.

Ease of Installation

The installation process is more labor-intensive for in-ground Trampoline compared to above or traditional trampolines. There may also be an extra cost associated with using a sunken trampolines because they require excavation as well as reinforcing walls that make them stronger than traditional models.

The Jumping Experience

Well, above-ground Trampolines are good at bouncing. They provide higher bounce due to good airflow as compared to the in-ground Trampolines. Although with some extra effort you can manage to get higher bounce with in-ground Trampolines too. 

Hmm, Movability

The above-ground models are relatively easy to move and you can also use them in new places without having to spend as much money. The in-ground trampoline is stationary, making it harder and more expensive to move or take with you when moving.

Safety Matters!

The in-ground trampoline is constructed with a thick, heavy metal frame and provides an extra layer of protection for your child.

The whole structure lies on the ground so there’s less chance that they may fall through it into the spring below. To be mentioned here, there’s a little risk with the sunken Trampoline edges too. 

However, if you have older children who are no longer kids but teens or adults then you can go with an above-ground model too.

Which looks Cooler?

Sunken trampolines are much more aesthetically pleasing. They don’t pose any obstruction to going around in the garden, as well as a better aesthetic look for people who have gardens that need some attention and only want to use one or two square meters of their lawn space. 

in ground trampoline pros and cons

Some In-ground or Sunken Trampoline Installation Tips

First thing First, Preparation!

You need to do soil preparations before you install Trampoline. It is also necessary to remove any existing pipes and sprinkler heads in the intended area, as well as clear away other obstacles that might impede its installation such as trees or fences.

The soil must be free of debris for proper drainage during use of this equipment; otherwise, it can affect safety issues if there are rainstorms or floods at home.

Second, Ventilation Access

Air ventilation is not something you should skip when you plan to set up a trampoline. What’s more, it can be done quite easily by adding some large pipes around the trampoline. You would have to look for any debris accumulated and clean them off occasionally. 

It can be done too by digging a swallower pit, but that would come with more safety precautions to take.

Give some Elbow Room!

If a toy or shoe falls under the trampoline, it will be difficult for you to take them out. When installing the trampoline, make an elbow room to access the space beneath it. Also, remember that when you need to repair or replace your sunken trampolines it would become handy.

Make proper Drainage System

Drain the water out of your trampoline! This will keep it away from accidents and help prevent rust formation on the frame, which can lead to expensive repairs down the line. Drain them into a gutter or storm drain for easy cleanup after use! The perforated drainage pipes would be the best option for you.

And after taking all of these into consideration, you can start the installation process of your inground trampoline!

Final Words

We have provided an adequate amount of information on both kinds of Trampolines in this simple article.

Now, It’s up to you and depends on your needs and preferences which style you would choose for your home.

The advantages of an above-ground trampoline are the ease of installation and lower cost whereas in-ground Trampolines come with other interesting features.

In-ground trampoline is a great way to make the backyard fun. This type of trampoline can be used for years without significant repair and it will bring fun activities into your life as well.

It won’t take too much time either, so you have nothing to worry about! So go ahead and get a in-ground trampoline for your backyard today!

Hope this article on In Ground Sunken Trampoline Problems with Pros & Cons will help you in many ways!