How to Protect Trampoline From Wind? Seasonal Winds Guide 2022

Looking for ways on How to Protect Trampoline From Wind? Okay! we got you back.

Well, a trampoline is a recreational device, an activity that can be fun for the whole family. During the use of this product, it is important to keep in mind safety precautions and risk factors associated with using one.

Trampolines are meant to provide joy and enjoyment of their own accord but should not be considered toys because they take risks too when used incorrectly or at inappropriate ages (such as children). 

Heavy winds can cause the trampoline to quickly twist and rotate in a dangerous way. It may be impossible for your toddlers or children who are playing on it at this time, which is why you need to protect them from heavy wind by securing the frame somehow to hold down any tension caused inside of the netting.

The simple steps will ensure an accident-free backyard experience for all involved! If you’re tired of running after your trampoline and struggling to move it during a windstorm or hurricane, then there are some simple ways that will help you avoid these miseries. With this, you will be able to enjoy your trampoline.

The trampoline is a backyard accessory that can be used for fun and exercise. It’s not just something to get on the ground and bounce around as it is something with sturdy construction, therefore maintenance of this item should also be taken seriously since heavy storms or high winds can damage it in no time at all.

To avoid having to buy another one after an expensive purchase, proper care must be exercised throughout the whole ownership period of the product so that safety standards are always met.

The trampoline must be anchored into the ground in order to prevent it from blowing away. When the trampoline is securely anchored, it can handle wind pressure. 

Trampolines don’t just exist as a recreational toy for children; they also serve as an effective means for physical exercise. Moreover, if your trampoline is properly installed and in good working order, it can increase the value of your property substantially by adding additional living space to it. A wise investment that will be beneficial with time!

In this article, we would provide you with many ways you can protect your Trampoline from blowing away by the wind and hence reduce the chances of damage to your equipment.

This means you can now enjoy the comfort and security of a trampoline without having to worry about its safety. 

Ways on How to Protect Trampoline From Wind?

We have listed below different ways to protect your Trampoline from blowing away by the wind in case of any storm or hurricane.

  1. By using Anchor kit
  2. By using Sandbags
  3. By using U-shaped trampoline anchors
  4. By Using Skirts for your trampoline in Wind
  5. By removing the trampoline Net
  6. By Dismantling the In ground trampoline in Wind

By using Anchor kit

The first method which you can use is by using anchor kits. When you are to buy a new Trampoline do make sure you get an Anchor kit along with it or you’ll have to spend some extra money to buy one. The anchor kits are basically designed to provide support to the Trampolines in case of any storm or hurricane. They would hold Trampolines in place.

Not only does Anchor kit provide a stylish look, but it is also durable and long-lasting. The material used to make these can withstand high and low temperatures, and harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, the protective coating on its surface stays strong due to being coated with galvanized material which helps resist outside elements that may weaken it over time without protection like paint does for example. But anchor kits are only applicable to traditional trampolines, if you have a in-ground trampoline then you should look for other ways in this article.

By using Anchor kit

You can use it for:

The anchor kits can be used for;

  1. Traditional Trampolines.

By using Sandbags

If you are looking for a quick solution then sandbags should be your choice. They can stack up next to each other and work efficiently with the weights on top of them. Did you know Sandbags can be easily built with waste products such as old tires or pieces of wood that you might find around your home?

This is a good option for those who do not want to spend too much on their trampoline. They are available in many online stores and locally as well. This needs to be done before any storm hits or high winds come. You can use sandbags for any type of trampoline.

By using sandbags

You can use it for:

The Sandbags can be used for;

  1. Traditional Trampolines.
  2. Sunken trampolines (In ground Trampolines).

By using U-shaped trampoline anchors

A trampoline has a product known as U-shaped trampoline anchors system for safety during heavy winds. The anchor point is in-ground and it can withstand heavy storms and high winds. You can use these anchors in case your trampoline gets damaged during a heavy storm. The anchors are low-profile and can accommodate most trampolines. You can place these anchors about 5 feet apart to accommodate most trampolines. You will need to hammer these anchors into concrete ground with force so that they can get tight enough to keep everything secure during strong wind situations, such as hurricanes or typhoons.

By using U-shaped trampoline anchors

You can use it for:

The U-shaped trampoline anchors can be used for;

  1. Traditional Trampolines.

By Using Skirts for your trampoline in Wind

The trampoline skirts are a solution to the problem of airflow over your lawn. The skirt is made with a flexible material that can resist high winds and prevent them from blowing away your trampoline. It also helps in lowering the intensity of wind as they pass under it and prevents any damage done to backyard items by keeping them lifted up off the ground, keeping all things safely above-ground level, where they belong!

by using skirts

You can use it for:

You can use this method for:

  1. Traditional Trampolines.

By removing the trampoline Net

Removing the trampoline Net is a cost-effective and easy way to keep your trampoline safe from storms and strong wind. If you’re not using Trampoline just remove the net of your Trampoline. By doing this now the air would be passed away from the Trampoline and would not cause it to be blown away by wind because there will be no pressure.

Do remember that you don’t need to bother the trampoline poles as this would make the task troublesome. Whenever your kids are to play on Trampoline you can easily set up the netting again.

removing trampoline nets

You can use it for:

This method is perfect for:

  • Traditional Trampolines.

By Dismantling the In ground trampoline in Wind

The process of dismantling your in ground Trampoline by removing it’s springs and mat which can also help you prevent damage. What you can do is check the weather forecast first. If you get to know about any storm or any such condition dismantle your Trampoline to protect it from damage. You may also notice there most of the methods are not useful for inground trampolines, well because most of the time sunken trampolines become invulnerable during high winds because of their design philosophy.

removing in ground trampoline

You can use it for:

A great method for:

  1. Sunken trampolines (In ground Trampolines).

FAQs – How to Protect Trampoline From Wind

What can be done to a trampoline that is in high winds?

A tie-down kit is an essential addition to a trampoline, especially if you have plans on using it in windy or stormy weather or do not want the mess to move your Trampoline in and out.

This product is ideal for the trampoline enthusiast and their family. The strap keeps it securely on the ground when in use, making this an excellent purchase for anyone who wants to keep their beloved toy secure no matter what weather conditions are outside.

With these straps, you will have peace of mind knowing your child’s safety can be ensured.

How can I anchor my trampoline in high winds?

The tool kit is a vital accessory that can be useful during high winds. As the name suggests, it comes with anchors and straps. The manual advises you to use straps for each side of the trampoline in order to make sure they are anchored securely into the ground.

Can I stay on the trampoline even during a storm?

Trampolines are a fun way to exercise and stay active. However, you should take care when doing so during storms as it is not recommended that if the trampoline’s anchors have loosened or come up out of the ground they can be picked up by storm winds which will cause harm to your children jumping on them in such situations.

Are In-ground Trampolines Safe from Blowing Away?

In-ground trampolines generally don’t pose risks of tipping as much because they are sunken within the hole. This ensures that wind will not be manipulating them and also makes them safer for use in homes and on lawns.

How much wind can a trampoline withstand?

Most trampolines can withstand a moderate amount of wind and, depending on the size they are constructed with, may be able to withstand winds of up to 50 mph. Trampoline manufacturers recommend that their products not experience sustained winds over 20-30 mph for prolonged periods or at altitudes lower than about 10 feet.

Can you get blown away by wind?

There is no definitive answer to this question. A person’s susceptibility to wind can vary depending on a variety of factors, including age, height, weight, health, occupation, and location. Most people are not particularly susceptible to wind, but there is always the potential for injury in extreme cases. But I can say that yes you can get blown away by winds.


One of the main benefits of Trampolines is that they provide both physical and mental stimulation, which can be helpful in reducing stress. They also help with your posture when jumping on them by keeping you aligned properly throughout the jump session so that injuries won’t occur later on.

Along with the advantageous fun of trampolines, there are some disadvantages too like taking a lot of care of it is needed. In general, there are three seasons in which you need to take exceptional care of the trampoline. So, if you don’t want your money to go to waste you need to plan for all different seasons.

Winds comparatively prove more damaging because they can blow away Trampoline with them. In this article, we mentioned some of the many methods on how to protect Trampoline from winds.

You need to assure yourself of the quality of the Trampoline you’re about to buy, you should choose a quality model which does not wear off easily and has effective padding. Additionally, make sure to have your product checked periodically as well so it can be replaced or repaired if needed.

I hope this article is going to help you for the upcoming seasons.