How to Protect Trampoline from Sun Damage? Keep trampoline dry on 2022

Looking for ways on how to protect trampoline from sun damage? Well, your concerns are correct because.

The trampoline’s colors fade away due to the sunlight. The trampoline (outer layer) surface becomes damaged and cannot hold as much air anymore. It becomes dull and the netting starts to fray as a result of being exposed to sunlight.

This is because ultraviolet rays are continuously damaging it, rusting the material that’s on top of the frame.

Sun’s ultraviolet rays can also cause the trampoline to be too hot. This means that it might not last for a long time, and you may need to buy another one soon. And because of the damage caused by the sun, you can also not enjoy the perfect jumps on it.

The net is the most important part of a trampoline and it should not be taken for granted. It must be treated with care so that its integrity will last for many years. Netting is also vulnerable to sunlight and can be severely damaged by it. You have to take measures for its protection whether you have a traditional trampoline or an in-ground Trampoline.

We have all been there, where the trampoline you just bought seems to be breaking down soon after purchase. It’s just because of the sunlight exposure that puts a question mark on Trapolines’s quality material.

So, we decided to write an article on not only how to protect trampoline from sun but maintain it as well! This article would help you maintain your trampoline without spending too much time on it.

Ways on How to Protect Trampoline from Sun Damage?

Sunlight provides damage to all different types of Trampolines. But the traditional trampoline is exposed to harmful rays of the sun at a much higher rate. Because they are taller and allow more UV light to damage them. But

Don’t worry! Here are the ways to protect your Trampoline from harsh sun rays;

  1. By putting Shades over Trampoline.
  2. By changing the position of the trampoline
  3. By doing regular inspection
  4. By using a Tent cover
  5. By using a Wooden roof

By putting Shades/Canopy over Trampoline.

The first way to cover your Trampolines from the sunlight is to arrange for a shades or canopy to use as a cover over both types of trampolines ex; in-ground Trampoline and traditional trampolines. For a large Trampoline, you’d have to arrange more shades comparatively. These shades will keep the trampoline safe from weather harm allowing a good and safe time for your kids to jump.

By putting Shades/Canopy over Trampoline

You can use it for:

The shades cover can be used for;

  1. Traditional Trampolines.
  2. Sunken trampolines (In ground Trampolines).

By changing the position of the trampoline

The second way to protect your trampoline from the sun’s rays is not to place it in direct sunlight. If you are going to put it outside, make a place for it in the garden or in the backyard. Just arrange the position well with less sun exposure and you’re good to go. 

Deciding on a trampoline location is a difficult task. As it can be hard to find the best spot for your family’s needs that would combine settings suited to all kinds of weather. One thing you should consider is where will you like to have a view from if possible?

For a in ground trampoline, you can find an area that is shady and not exposed to the sun. If there are any branches hanging over the spot where you want to set up your trampoline then make sure those are removed before placing down or adjusting the frame’s location. For traditional trampoline anyhow you have to choose a wide space but one which is not exposed to sunrays.

 By changing the position of the trampoline

You can consider it for:

You can consider this option for

  1. Traditional Trampolines.
  2. Sunken trampolines (In ground Trampolines).

By doing regular inspection

The sun’s heat can cause the metal frame of a trampoline to become severely hot. Another method to protect your Trampoline from sunlight is that you should have your net made from light-colored material so that it does not burn easily in direct sunlight as it will reflect sunlight in some instances and also light color absorbs less sunlight.

You should regularly inspect your trampoline netting for any rips or tears as this will greatly increase the risk of your net getting damaged or even causing the netting to burn up due to the sunlight.

 By doing regular inspection

You can consider it for:

You can consider this option for

  1. Traditional Trampolines.
  2. Sunken trampolines (In ground Trampolines).

By using a Tent cover

Didn’t find a shady place in your backyard to place Trampoline? No problem, you can spend a little extra money along with your equipment to buy a tent. It would not only cover your Trampoline but would also provide you with enough space in your backyard to play your enjoyable games. Tents are very useful for the protection of any kind of trampolines.

By Using a Protective tent cover.

You can use it for:

The tent cover can be used for;

  1. Traditional Trampolines.
  2. Sunken trampolines (In ground Trampolines).

By using a Wooden roof

There are a lot of advantages to using a wooden roof. First of all, it is an eco-friendly material and second, it is weather resistant. It can withstand harsh weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rains. It does not crack even if it is exposed to severe weather conditions for a long time.

It does not absorb water and therefore it does not cause damage to your Trampoline. It is easy to install and it does not require any maintenance. But it is not useful for in ground trampolines.

 By using a Wooden roof

You can use it for:

The wooden roof can be used for;

  1. Traditional Trampolines.

So these were the methods you can use to protect your trampoline from sun damage.

How you can do a Periodic inspection to your Trampoline?

Period inspection starts with examining the trampoline’s surface and determining whether there are any signs of wear. If it is, then immediate action must be taken as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage or even breakage of your product.

The periodical inspections should happen at least every two weeks so you don’t have to worry about cracks appearing much earlier than expected. 

This is to do before jumping on the trampoline. First, make sure that your kids know what they should and shouldn’t be doing while playing on this equipment.

Move over to their trampoline. Next, inspect the area around the trampoline for changes or any wear and tear before moving onto more important matters such as safety precautions (for example: not allowing children younger than 8 years old use without supervision).

Lastly, always address some basic tips about the safe operation at home with your child/children who will be using it in order for you two to have an open line of communication about how best to proceed after getting started.

What are Trampoline Protective Covers, and why are they Important?

They are a safe and easy way to protect your trampoline. The different sizes offer convenience so that you don’t have to worry about the size of your trampoline, it is made out of heavy-duty material for long-lasting use which makes them perfect for indoor or outdoor usage.

Many customers agree that this product has been worth their buy as they come in at an affordable price range with benefits like protecting against any weather condition by providing protection all around. Do not forget to take precautions before you cover Trampoline with plastic covers.

FAQs – How to Protect Trampoline from Sun

Which type of trampoline is more likely to be damaged by the sun?

Depending on the location of your trampoline, you can expect to experience different effects from sun rays on any type of Trampolines. If your trampoline has been exposed to direct sunlight throughout its lifetime before falling into disrepair due to neglectful maintenance of some sort then there would be issues related to your trampoline which includes rusts, color can also be affects and many more.

What are some of the most common trampoline injuries?

Trampolines are a great way to have fun with friends and family, but they do come with risks. However, In-ground Trampoline is less likely to cause a serious injury as compared to the above-ground Trampoline. Falling from a height greater than three feet will likely cause injury even if you land safely; injuries may include fractures or head traumas.

What is an ideal space where I can put my trampoline?

The most ideal location would be any place in your home that is away from harsh sun rays and heavy rainfalls, which are both very damaging to a trampoline’s overall look and rust-prone properties of it. Considering these factors in mind, you will find that this space can work as an excellent storage area for your treasured equipment!

How do I stop my trampoline from getting hot?

There are a few ways to protect your trampoline from sun damage. One way is to keep the trampoline covered when not in use. This will help reduce the amount of sunlight that gets to the fabric and padding. Another way to protect your trampoline is to use a sunscreen lotion or spray on the trampoline every time you use it. Finally, make sure to take care of the surrounding area by keeping it clean and free of debris.


Trampolines are great for exercise and fun, but they need to be taken care of properly. The best way to maintain your trampoline all year round is by doing routine maintenance, replacing the netting if needed and inspecting the frame periodically for wear or damage that could lead to safety concerns in later months/years.

Trampling will cause visible wear on each parts over time so use common sense when using these amazing pieces of equipment! 

You can take many essential steps toward protecting your property from being damaged by the sun’s rays. Protecting it is possible by using a tent or outdoor canopy to keep in the shade of trees, blocking out direct sunlight and keeping fresh air circulating while still allowing you to enjoy nature.

You can also use multiple layers of protection such as tarps that will cover up all sides and help prevent color fading on surfaces like wood (tops) or metal roofs – this helps extend the life expectancy for these items without sacrificing comfortability.

I hope this article on How to Protect Trampoline from Sun will help you to increase your trampoline life.