10 Steps on How to Make A DIY Trampoline Wrestling Ring | 2023

A trampoline is a fun tool for jumping and rebounding. Jumping and rebounding over the trampoline has proved to be a fun source of exercise as well which helps one to get a healthy lifestyle. …

How to Make A DIY Trampoline Wrestling Ring

A trampoline is a fun tool for jumping and rebounding. Jumping and rebounding over the trampoline has proved to be a fun source of exercise as well which helps one to get a healthy lifestyle.

However, you can introduce new magic to your trampoline by turning it into a WWE professional ring. This will bring more fun to you and your children for sure.

But most people don’t know how to make a DIY trampoline wrestling ring on the trampoline.

You can easily buy rings to transform your backyard’s trampoline into a wrestling ring. However, you can also make this happen if you do it as a DIY task.

Doing this procedure on your own is not a difficult process but you really need to take care of the tools required for the process and also about the steps involved.

How to Make A DIY Trampoline Wrestling Ring

Necessary Tools needed to make a DIY Wrestling Ring:

The length and quantity of some of the required tools are to be decided according to the size of your trampoline. Hence it is recommended to measure the length of the trampoline first and then buy any of the material needed for the process.

Material required to transform your trampoline into a wrestling ring is shown in the list below:

  1. Ropes that are non-stretchable
  2. 4 pieces of wood or PVC pipes (length should be 8 feet)
  3. Hooks with screws and wooden poles for structure
  4. Plastic fasteners and shoelaces
  5. A staple gun
  6. A large piece of cloth (prefer a blue color cloth piece)
  7.  A good number of foam pads or mini throw pillows

Step by Step Guide on How to Make A DIY Trampoline Wrestling Ring:

You need to follow 10 steps to convert your trampoline into a wrestling ring. The ring is made around the trampoline and not on the trampoline mat. The steps involved in this procedure are as follow:

Set Up the Trampoline:

The first step is to assemble a trampoline properly. Make sure to install your trampoline in the backyard on a flat surface. Follow the manual coming along with the trampoline set to assemble it in the most appropriate manner.

Do not forget to check the trampoline before considering that it is installed completely. Tools required in this step are already available in the trampoline kit which comes with every trampoline set.

Round-shaped trampolines are perfect to get transformed into a wrestling ring. If your trampoline is circular in shape, then the addition of wrestling gives it a square structure.

Dig Holes to Secure the Poles:

For the next step, four wooden poles are required to serve as poles for the wrestling ring. The height of these wooden poles should be between 7 and 8 feet while the width is needed to be 3.5 inches or more.

Find four suitable points around your trampoline in such a way that the entire trampoline looks like a square. Dig holes on these four points. These poles must be at least 1 foot deep.

You can also use PVC pipes instead of using wooden poles for your wrestling ring.

Place the Poles:

Place your wooden pipes into the ground. Put 3 to 4 feet of the poles into the ground to make them as firm as possible. Place dirt in the holes and then cover the dirt with rocks to make the grip stronger in the holes. Try to make these poles firm enough that they do not move from their place under pressure applied.

Fastening the Pipes:

This step is an alternative to the second step and is to be involved if you are using PVC pipes instead of using wood sticks as poles to your trampoline wrestling ring.

You need to tie at least 4 or 5 plastic fasteners with every pole of the ring to give more grip to the poles at a single point within each hole around the trampoline.

Drill Holes for Adding Ropes:

Measure the distance between two turnbuckles. Use a knife to mark three points on each pole. Dig the holes at each point after marking all points.

The location of each hole should be equal to the location of the corresponding poles. Make sure that the size of all the holes drilled in the poles is the same.

The distance between each pair of holes on one pole should be 14.5 inches. The top side of all the poles or pipes should be made flat so that one can easily sit on them while wrestling over the trampoline in this wrestling ring.

Attach Hooks:

After drilling the holes, screw bolt or hook in each hole. Screw three bolts or hook on each pole in such a way that they all are facing the trampoline. If you are using bolts, then do not forget to place a washer at the end of each bolt this will provide safety on both sides.

“S” rings are used for the case of bolts while regular circular rings are used for the case of hooks to secure the poles on both sides.

Tie Ropes:

Tie the ropes around the ring in such a way that you tie the knot in one of the holes from one pole and then take it to the adjacent pole.

Repeat the process until you arrive back at the starting point of the first pole. Make sure that ropes are tied tightly and rope should stretch properly across the wrestling ring around the trampoline.

Add Safety Pads:

This is a very simple step in the process of converting a trampoline into a professional wrestling ring. You need many pillows or safety pads to avoid any injury.

These mini throw pillows or safety foam pads are tied over the turnbuckle hooks. These pillows can be tied with every pole by using thread or shoelaces.

Using shoelaces is recommended to tie the mini throw pillows as they provide more safety to them to stay at their place. Also, shoelaces are easily available and are much convenient to use.

Staple the Cloth:

A large cloth piece is stapled with the wrestling ring around the trampoline to give it a final look. Lay down the cloth piece over the trampoline and staple it by using a staple gun to secure this cloth piece.

This cloth piece covers the bottom area of the trampoline and gives a professional WWE ring look.

A blue-colored cloth piece is better to be used for this step since the blue color makes it look closer to the WWE wrestling ring.

Final Check:

Final checking is the most important step to convert your backyard’s trampoline into a WWE wrestling ring. You should use it for at least ten minutes before concluding that you are done with the process.

In case of any problem with any part, a clear loosing can easily be noticed after ten minutes of wrestling in the ring.

You can easily focus and tighten the part that gets lost during this testing time. However, if every part stays tight in its place after these ten minutes, you can think of it as nicely done already.

Other Ideas to make more Enjoyable Wrestling Ring:

The materials and instructions above may vary according to the availability or your preference for your trampoline wrestling ring. Below are more options you can try to make your improvised wrestling ring safe and fun to use:

  1. You can use clay or cement to fill the holes of the poles instead of the usual dirt. This will provide more stability to the poles to stay in place.
  2. If there are old tires available then you can set up a single layer of these tires inside all the poles. This will help the ring withstand the impact that will occur when used.
  3. You can also add an old mattress over the layer of tires for more padding. Secure it with bungee cords to prevent the mattress from sliding out.
  4. If the wrestling ring is supposed to be used by adults, it is ideal to place a layer of plywood over the pile of mattresses and tires. This will add hardness and will make realistic wrestling sounds when the ring is in use.
  5. Aside from staple guns, you can use stakes and bungee cords to secure things in your improvised rings.
  6. To check if the ropes are tight enough, lean into it to see if it can hold human weight.
  7. You can watch this video!


Whilst safety is the most important factor for a trampoline wrestling ring. It is also crucial to ensure that your improvised wrestling ring can withstand the climate of your location and also has the compatibility of daily use.

To attain this, you should use quality materials to make sure of the long lifespan of your wrestling ring around the trampoline. Plastics, steel, aluminum, and PVC pipes are better options than wood since these materials will not corrode easily against the behavior of wood.

The trampoline wrestling ring is a fun way for families and friends to bond while keeping them active. Just don’t overdo your wrestling moves to avoid any kind of injury or any bad incident and to savor the fun! Hope this guide on How to Make A DIY Trampoline Wrestling Ring will help you to bring the trampoline fun back.