How Much Does The Trampoline Park Cost | Detailed Guide 2022

Trampolines at amusement parks can be great fun for the kids and adults because it’s a great way of enjoyment. Usually, those parks are fascinating and entertaining where everyone can have a great time while jumping on the trampolines.

Both kids and adults love to go to such places because it is hard to ignore them and that is why it is important for the parks to have trampolines. Keeping in mind their love for trampolines, the topic of how much does the trampoline park cost arises in their minds.

If you are a beginner and want to visit a trampoline park then it is crucial for you to know about the costs of trampoline parks.

In this article, you’ll learn about how much does the trampoline park cost? You can also get to know which are the cheapest trampoline parks and many more. This is how you can spend quality time with your family then just stick to this article until it ends.

How Much Does The Trampoline Park Cost

How Much Does The Trampoline Park Cost?

The cost for opening a trampoline park depends on the park and it can vary accordingly. Further, the passes for kids cost from $10 to $15 for an hour whereas parents’ allowances range from $5 to $10.

If your budget is high then you can spend as much time as you like to have fun. The total amount or cost depends on the number of your family members or friends and after determining the total members with their entertainment and given facilities they will cost you accordingly.

The cost for a trampoline park also depends on whether you will purchase passes or not. For one hour, the cost can be estimated between $12 to $15 at one park.

Trampoline parks can also cost you the cheapest rates for two or three hours of time restriction with the costs of $21 and $27. There is another park which charges $8 for toddlers or for a little more on a regular basis. Your children can have fun for 1 to 3 hours after visiting the park. In contrast, the toddlers may cost you less.

There can also be some memberships to choose and discounted tickets on special events. Moreover, if you want to visit the park, contact the trampoline park for the accurate figures.

How Much Do Trampoline Parks Cost to Make?

The initial investment for making or opening a trampoline park costs high because trampoline parks require a custom-built trampoline court. According to the international association of trampoline parks, a trampoline park requires $1.2 million to $1.8 million for its initial expenditure.

How Much Profit Does A Trampoline Park Make? 

The profit margin can be substantial however the initial costs of operating a trampoline park is considerable. Let’s suppose, a trampoline park in California earns $780,000 roughly per year even though some of the greatest stars in the industry earn millions of dollars each year.

As far as your trampoline park is concerned, its condition is up to you. You can increase the indoor trampoline’s park’s revenue by adding some other sorts of entertainment and concessions. 

As far as the place or location of the trampoline park is concerned, if it is a well-known and welcoming place it can be in a high-rate area and you may be able to charge slightly more than the average cost. On the other hand, if your business is low income then you may want to charge less than that average rate to better meet your target client.

There are some significant expenses when it comes to running a trampoline park such as the maintenance, rent of the location, and the labor. There are other expenses as well for instance you’ll have to pay for the marketing, insurance, and utilities too.  

You’ll be able to maintain and run your park if you become a qualified service technician with the IATP (The International Airlines Technical Pool). Some concessions and extra entertaining forms may boost profit and keep families in the venue for a long time. Regardless of what you do, there is a possibility that you may have to wait for six to eight months for a return on your investment.

Is A Trampoline Park A Good Investment? 

The initial costs of making or opening a trampoline park are high however the trampoline park sector remains an investment-worthy industry that can become profitable soon with a well defined trampoline park business plan.

Furthermore, you must consider a variety of criteria including budgeting, safety, available space, location, and others but the profits are height. It’s a good investment because you would get a large number of audience and visitors, and other party offers which will play a vital role in your successful business. 

How to Determine Trampoline Park Price? 

To visit a trampoline park will be great fun with your family and friends. Kids are always excited to visit such places and adults also love to spend quality time. When you visit a trampoline park, it is very important to determine the prices or costs of spending time there. There is a number of ways through you will be able to determine the charges on your own effortlessly such as;

Spent Time at Park

As everyone loves to visit trampoline parks for spending a quality time. Of course, no one will want to leave such a place so early, however to determine the charges, you’ll have to first decide how much time you’ll be here in the park or how many hours you would like to spend here. After knowing the time, you can easily determine the price of a trampoline park.

Number of Members

The cost of a trampoline park also depends on the number of members. To determine the charges, do determine how many members will visit the trampoline park at your end. As a result, the prices will increase or decrease accordingly. 

Facilities & Games

If in a trampoline park, there are lots of games and other entertaining stuff then they will cost extra and accordingly. Before visiting any trampoline park, determine the facilities and games available there and then act upon accordingly. 

Different Types of Trampoline Park Costs:

The cost of a trampoline park includes a variety of the expenses such as membership fees etc.  

Trampoline Park Membership Cost 

Most of the trampoline parks which are quite famous, provide membership options too. After getting the membership if you have the subscription then you can get unlimited access and party savings.

There are several membership packages available and higher packages will cost you higher of course however they will provide you some additional or extra features. Some trampoline parks offer a basic membership plan for less than $10 per month.

Average Cost At Trampoline Park 

The price of the trampoline parks differs from park to park and for an hour, the average cost is $10 to $20 for an ordinary teen. Some parks offer discounts and you can play there for two or more than two hours. Let’s suppose, if the standard price for one hour is $15 then respectively for two and three hours it will be $25 and $35.

There are a number of trampoline parks who charge less than $10 for an hour for the under age of three toddlers. Aside from all these expenses, there are some hidden associated fees for using these services such as purchasing socks etc. 

Trampoline Park Party Cost 

Mostly, trampoline parks are used for the gathering and the parties. If you want to make a reservation for a large group at your special event then you’ll have to contact the authority before one week of your event in advance. In addition, the premium members of the trampoline parks will get a price and priority advantages.

Several trampolines host a variety of entertaining parties such as Altitude Trampoline Park offers a variety of events and parties including pizza parties and birthdays, chicken nugget parties, and no food parties and the cost range is between $16.99 to $21.99.

There are some different trampoline parks which are well-known in this industry. For your convenience, these are broken down with their costs.

Sky Zone Adventure Park Cost 

Nowadays, Sky Zone Adventure park is one of the most famous trampoline parks in the United States. 

  • You can get little leapers at $20.99 with jumping and climbing with parental observation.
  • Get glow for one hour at $20.99, for two hours at  $41.99 and for three hours at $62.99 with a crazy dark dancing club.

Altitude Trampoline Park Cost 

If you want to go for a low cost trampoline park then Altitude is the best option for you and it provides a variety of modern amenities. It is the largest park of Massachusetts with a battle beam hung over foam pits and a rocking climb.

  • Get simple jumpers for one hour at $17 and for two hours at $26 with basic jumping and ninja courses.
  • One hour toddler time will cost you $10 with jump and have fun in other forms.
  • Get a family pack for one hour for $56 and family night for three hours at $25 with events and parties.

Urban Air Adventure Park Cost 

Urban Air Adventure Park is a beautiful trampoline park and it offers various packages. 

  • You can get basic attraction in $16.99, deluxe in $21.99 and ultimate in $29.99 with lots of entertaining activities.

Get Air Trampoline Park Cost 

For having fun get an Air trampoline park with a variety of packages.

  • Get little Air for one hour at $9.99, for two hours at $13.99 and for three hours at $16.99 with jumping and fun.
  • Get a big Air for one hour at $15.99, for two hours at $22.99 and for three hours at $25.99 with flip, jump and other skills.

Cheapest Trampoline Park Cost:

Zero Gravity trampoline park is one of the most economical trampoline parks because it provides families an area for endless fun.  This trampoline park can save you $2 at least per game and their basic jumping package starts from $16.99 while their deluxe and ultimate packages cost $19.99 and $26.99 respectively.

The basic pass of Zero Gravity is $12.99 for one hour and for 90 minutes it costs $15.99 while for 120 minutes, it charges $19.99. If you are a parent and you wanna come with your kids then the parental pass will cost $7.99 and parents are allowed to accompany each child. In addition, the price for a group is quite appealing if you want to visit with a large number of people.

FAQs – How Much Does The Trampoline Park Cost:

How Long Does it Take To Build A Trampoline?

The time for assembling varies according to the size of a trampoline. A small trampoline will take less time than a large one. A large one will have a great number of springs so it will take more time to build the large trampoline.

Can You Assemble A Trampoline By Yourself?

It depends on the size and shape of the trampoline because if it’s large then you can’t assemble it all alone due to a large number of springs and you would need your family members and friends to help you out in that.

How Much Does A Sky Zone Franchise Make?

A Sky Zone franchise costs $60,000 to make it with a total initial investment ranging from $1,343,813 to $2,694,116. The net-worth requirement is $1,500,000 and the cash amount in liquid is required which is $400,000.

What Are the Attractions of the Trampoline Park?

There’s always something special for you regardless of who you are and there is a variety of activities offered in the trampoline parks for both kids and adults. It attracts kids more because they provide a toddler jump zone, trampoline wing set, slackline, and slide.

Trampoline parks also offer free climbing to improve their climbing skills, freestyle jump without fear, drop zone to fly high and land softly, sky ladder, basketball and challenge zone to test your obstacle skills etc. 


Trampolines are not just a source of enjoyment but also help in other perspectives too. It is important to do research regarding the cost of a trampoline park at your end first before visiting a trampoline park because it can save money.

Look for the cheapest trampoline park at your place with enough facilities according to your budget and have fun with your family and friends because it will be a great fun for them as well. If you want to have outdoor fun for a long time then go for a cheap trampoline park with all facilities and games.