24 Different Types of Trampolines | Ideal to choose the Correct One in 2022

Trampolines are not just a fun toy however there are many practical applications of them in today’s era. Having knowledge about different types of trampolines is crucial to choosing the right size of the trampoline because it helps to protect the jumper from serious injury and it also enhances bouncing too.

When people come to buy a trampoline then they get confused because there is a variety of trampoline shapes and sizes available there. They are unable to decide which size is ideal because of a number of alternatives.

It becomes quite confusing when it comes to picking the shape and there is a variety of them. When you see different trampoline shapes and varieties, it becomes more confusing.

As a result, just a few ideal trampolines can complete your objectives. Mostly, the price and the function of a trampoline are largely determined by its size, design, and a few other factors. 

In this article, all the guidance is provided regarding the size of a trampoline to meet your concerns and assist you in selecting the appropriate trampoline size. Different types and sizes will be discussed below so keep reading for details.

Different Types of Trampolines
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Importance of Trampoline Category :

Trampolines are the best way of spending time with your family on weekends and vacations. Choosing a trampoline category is very important because the wrong one can cause any kind of injury and it will just be a waste of money.

Trampolines are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for different utilization purposes. Each size of the trampoline has a different application. You may have a small or large garden and you would require the ideal trampoline size accordingly. 

To decide the ideal size for your trampoline, you must evaluate a few factors. If you want to figure out what size of the trampoline will be best for your children or family then you should consider some factors primarily such as;

  • Who will jump on the trampoline? Because trampoline comes with age and  weight restrictions. 
  • Do consider the size of your garden for set up and then decide the size of the trampoline accordingly.
  • Look at your financial condition or budget and buy your ideal trampoline according to that.

Features to Look for When Buying a Trampoline:

It is essential to look at some features of a trampoline before you buy one. Keep in mind everything for instance which trampoline shape will work best in your outdoor space or in which shapes you are not interested in because of the price, safety, or space concerns?

Size is the first and foremost thing so consider the large, medium or small size according to your outdoor space. Look for a weight limit while buying a trampoline because some trampolines are restricted to kids and they can’t be safe for an adult to use because it may damage the jumping mat and may cause injury to the jumper.  That’s why you decide prior who will jump on the trampoline. 

Frame is a crucial part of a trampoline and make sure while buying that the frame should be strong to extend your trampoline’s life after frequent usage. You can go for a spring or springless trampolines because both work the same way. Springs are made up of steel whereas springless are fibreglass rods. You can also look for a safety net because it provides protection to the jumper while bouncing on a trampoline.

Safety net is optional but if you don’t use it then consider the bottom attachment because it forms a seal around the bottom of the container such as hooks. Jumping mat is one of the crucial parts of a trampoline and if you live in an area with fluctuating weather conditions in particular with rain, snow or storm then go for a waterproof trampoline mat. 

Double-check for safety pads that they fit properly over the border or not. Because safety pads cover the side of the trampoline to keep fingers, toes and hands from becoming entrapped in the springs. You can buy entry closure and ladder for safety concerns.

 24 Different Types of Trampolines:

Size Based Trampolines:

Trampolines with a variety of sizes are demanded for various ages, weights of the jumpers, and uses. The following sizes are available for the trampolines according to your requirements. 

Large Trampolines

Large trampoline sizes are especially for the Gymnast because they bounce highly and on a large surface. In addition, it is an ideal size for a large family who wants to jump at a time on the trampoline. The size can be customized according to the requirements of the individual’s preferences. 

It is recommended that for a round trampoline user purchase a 14 feet trampoline. If you like to jump on a rectangle jumper then go for a trampoline with a diameter of 1017 feet or a large one is recommended. Moreover, it will be able to support a significant amount of weight. The large one comes in at 12 feet with 3.78 meters.

Medium Trampolines 

This is an ideal size for teenagers and kids because it also supports their protection. Apart from jumping, safety is the main and important concern for your children.

You can set up your trampoline at your places such as in the house, garden or any outdoor space. Keep in mind the safety of your kids and avoid places near trees or other close to other things that may cause harm.

Furthermore, trampolines are available with the conventional sizes of 710, 812, and 914 feet. For a round trampoline, the diameter should not exceed 12 feet. The medium-sized trampolines come in 10 feet with 3.23 meters. 

Small Trampolines 

If you want to buy a trampoline for your child who is 1 to 5 years old then go for the small one. It will also provide protective bouncing and your children will have fun with safety. The size for a small trampoline is 8 feet with 2.70m width. The diameter for a round one should not increase 12 feet. Your child’s safety comes first while jumping so don’t leave your child alone while bouncing.

Pre-school Trampolines 

If you need a trampoline for your kids who are 1 to 3 years old then-toddler is recommended. Most of the manufacturers make toddler- sized trampolines because they are perfect for preschool kids. In comparison with the larger ones, they have a small carrying capacity and bounce.

Such sized trampolines are just restricted to kids, not for the young ones. The safety of your kids comes first and these lower-jumping trampolines are both safe and enjoyable. These trampolines provide hurtless bouncing.

Trampolines Based on Their Shapes:

Trampolines come in a variety of shapes such as round, oval, rectangle and square etc. Out of all the sizes, round trampolines are usually used for amusement whereas rectangular trampolines are used by gymnasts. Boys like round ones but girls prefer rectangular trampolines. There are other shapes of a trampoline such as;

Round Trampolines

A round trampoline is frequently used and it is ideal for outdoor use with a variety of sizes. This kind of trampoline has a number of characteristics which you must know.

The spring in a round trampoline decreases the chances of harm or getting harm. It’s design also prevents individuals from falling and allows jumpers to concentrate on enjoyment. This shape is an ideal shape for outdoor usage. 

Jumpers can jump on a round trampoline safely but it doesn’t mean that accidents can occur on a round trampoline. It happens but less frequently and you can also buy a round springless trampoline with additional measures.

You can go for a high quality round trampoline because it will provide a large size and weight capacity. High quality trampolines are expensive however you can buy a less expensive or affordable for your children with less features to have fun.

Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular trampolines are preferred by professionals and jumping on them is different from round ones. Most gymnasts buy such trampolines because they use it on a daily basis.

Rectangular trampolines also come in small sizes if you don’t have much space to set up them. Further, these are expensive ones but if you are looking for recreational purposes then it will not cost much. Due to the soft spot of the rectangular trampoline, you can jump in the air properly.

Such trampolines are effective and safe and gymnasts like this rectangular design. This trampoline will help you out to have fun while training and it’s suitable for recreational use as well. The steel frame of the trampoline is amazing and it will definitely suit your requirements. 

Oval Trampolines 

Oval is another shape of a trampoline and it offers more jumping space than a round one. In addition, the structure is nearly identical to the circular trampoline but it has this additional quality of high jump. 

Moreover, if you want to jump higher then you’ll have to put extra effort for that.  On the other hand, a round trampoline is for children to prevent them from bouncing high in the air or their safety concerns. Not jumping high is actually the beneficial safety factor of a round trampoline. Oval trampolines are a great choice for extra jump and room.

Square Trampolines 

Square trampolines are a transition from round and rectangular shapes. Square trampolines provide safety features and they are less expensive in comparison to rectangular trampolines. The usage of such trampolines depends on the size. After that you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Square trampolines are more expensive than round ones but they provide a factor of enjoyment safely. 

Round trampoline is the best choice because it’s cost-effective plus it will meet your leisure purposes. You have fun while training however, some people prefer square trampolines. If the square shape appeals to you then you can get that. In addition, before buying you must choose the appropriate size so that everyone can enjoy jumping on it.

Hexagonal, Octagonal and Polygonal Trampolines

Hexagon trampolines come in a variety of sizes and they are best for children’s usage. It will entertain them and they can have fun while jumping on it. It comes with six strong legs and an adjustable handler which helps to maintain the balance. It will also meet your requirements of safety for your loved ones.

The octagonal trampolines come in a large size and these are known ones. If you have a large family and you want a large sized trampoline to jump on then the octagonal is your model and go for it. It provides a large area to jump on and at a time multiple individuals can use it. You can have fun with your friends. Family and children while jumping on it.

To have an octagonal trampoline will be great fun for children. Such trampolines come with 450 pounds weight capacity. It’s the largest one so obviously, the price will be high. It is more expensive than a regular round trampoline. However, it’s a great idea if you want to buy an octagonal trampoline for recreational purposes. 

Polygonal trampolines are preferred for a group of children and adults as they are large in size. Due to their large size, they can be expensive. If you want to buy it then it will be a great fun for your family and you can spend a good time with them,

Purposes Based Types of Trampolines:

There are lots of trampolines that are used for a variety of reasons or purposes such as recreation, fitness, and competition, etc.

Recreational Trampolines 

Most people want to keep their children entertained or they want them to have fun because it is also important from their health perspectives. To buy them a trampoline will be a great idea for that. You can set up your trampoline in your outside space or on the ground. Setting up your trampoline on the ground will be delightful for your kids. 

In-ground and water trampolines are included for recreational purposes. In addition, both adults and kids can enjoy jumping on the trampoline. Recreational trampolines are less expensive and dangerous than competition trampolines. Mostly, round trampolines are used for this purpose and it is safe to jump on them.

Competitive Trampolines 

Competition trampolines are high quality and high performance models and these are used in the professional world. They allow you to jump high in the air which means you have to put a lot of effort and consume a lot of energy. These trampolines are not for starters because professional gymnasts and Olympic athletes use such trampolines. 

If you are a beginner then you should go for other trampolines because you may get injured due to its high jumping feature. Such dangerous trampolines are not made for kids and competitive trampolines are expensive ones.

Fitness Rebounders 

Fitness trampolines are also called the mini trampolines and such trampolines can be used in a variety of activities. Most of the people use fitness trampolines for the sake of practising jumping. Gymnasts who prepare themselves for a variety of competitions then can practise on such trampolines. 

People use it for exercising and it will be a great idea if you practice on such trampolines because they are large in size. Rebounding is a kind of workout that helps to work out a lot of your muscles. Fitness trampolines help you to burn your calories and you can improve your strength and stamina while working out on this trampoline.

Olympic Trampolines 

Olympic trampolines can’t be compared with others because they are unique among all. These  allow high jumping which can be dangerous for a beginner. Such trampolines are made of robust materials which allow them to bounce higher. Only professionals can use it and if you are not practising anything or not professional then you may go for traditional ones.

Olympic trampolines are more costly than any other normal or traditional trampolines due to their superiority in jumping high. Keep this in mind that if you are not a professional then do not use it because it may harm you. Your safety and protection always comes first than having fun. 

Mini Joggers Trampolines 

Mini joggers are small bouncing trampolines which are also known as rebounders and micro trampolines. Such trampolines are mostly used for fitness purposes and to increase heart rate without putting much effort. If you don’t have enough space for a large one then you can go for it because it can be placed in a corner of a room.

Now, mini jogger trampolines come with a fitness tracker monitor that displays your workout time, total jumps, jumps per minute and even they let you know the number of calories which you burned while jumping or exercising.

Trampolines Based on Enclosure Styles:

There’s another type of trampoline that also comes with a number of enclosure systems. Trampolines can also come with options for the surrounding open, net or handle.

Trampolines with Enclosure or Caged Trampolines

In the market, there are lots of trampolines available with an encoding net and this net plays an important role in the safety concerns. This net is especially for the protection of childrens. It helps the acrobats not to fall on the ground and it ensures their safety. Enclosure nets are made of mesh materials and as a result, you can keep an eye on your children while they are sitting outside. 

The height for enclosing the net is measurable and mostly the cages have a net height of at least 6 feets. The height should be at least 6 to 8 feets but the size for the net depends on the size of the trampoline’s frame.

Exposed In-Ground Trampolines 

Some trampolines are in-ground and in such cases, the chances for falling down decrease. There are some other trampolines as well which do not come with an encircling net. However, modern trampolines come with enclosures and they are totally safe. These types of trampolines are now considered the best choice for your kids. All the trampolines such as competition trampolines, bungees and even water trampolines use these sorts. 

If the frame of your trampoline is so high then you must exercise caution when you are using it. Your children can enjoy jumping without any safety concerns. In-ground trampolines can be dug around 10 to 15 feet. If you want to set up your trampoline somewhere else or wanna replace it then you can easily remove it from the ground.

Exposed Trampolines with Handles 

There is a variety of mini or rebounder trampolines available which come with single and double handlebars. You can use such trampolines for performing gym tasks by changing the height of the handle and in such cases, padded handles are the best option. 

The handles are useful for fitness and exercise purposes and the height of the handle should be 4 feet if you want an effective exercise. The handles are adjustable and you can accommodate them according to your own height.

Springs Based and Spring Free Trampolines:

In the market, most of the trampolines are spring based but some trampolines also come without springs. There are a few differences between these two such as;

Trampolines With Springs  

Most common and famous trampolines come with springs; they are also known as traditional trampolines. As the number of springs increases its jumping capacity also increases.

The length of a high jump with springs can be about 7 inches and it can be extended too. Nevertheless, before using a trampoline make sure of a few things; for instance look for padded springs because for safety concerns it is important and also ensure that the springs are combined tightly with the jumping mat of trampoline. 

When you buy spring trampolines, make sure the spring’s safety pads. The size of the springs can be changed with the size of the trampoline and the size range for spring is 3 to 9 inches. Before buying, make sure that all the springs should be of the same sizes. 

Springless Trampolines 

Springless trampolines do not have springs and they are getting famous nowadays due to its safety feature. People are fearful while jumping on a trampoline because it can harm them on one of the springs. If this happens then there will be serious harm to someone.

Springless trampolines allow individuals to jump safely because they use a different technology. They can offer stretch bands or other effective alternatives to meet the requirements of a jumper in the same way.

If you use a springless trampoline then you can have fun for a long time and you’ll not need to worry about getting harmed. Such trampolines are cost effective as you can buy them at an affordable price. In addition, springless trampolines do not have sharp edges that may cause harm to someone and it will be the safest trampoline if you get it.

This trampoline is a suitable choice for both adults and kids. A springless trampoline comes with a weight capacity of 250 pounds and the maximum weight limit is 1100 pounds.

Inflatable Trampolines  

You can use inflatable trampolines instead of the spring trampolines because they are unique models. These are also known as bouncers because they have the ability to float on the water. Inflatable trampolines are lighter than the other ground trampolines. With a blow of air, the inflatable tubes can be readily expanded and made usable in a matter of minutes. 

It’s a great way of having fun while jumping on an inflatable trampoline because it will not just allow you to jump but also to swim to get refreshed in a matter of minutes. In this trampoline, enclosure net is not required because this is not a ground trampoline. It comes with the features of sliding and boarding however before using this trampoline tie it. An inflatable trampoline can be at least 8 feet above the surface of water.

Water Trampolines and Bouncer

Water trampolines are different from others and when you compare them all with water trampolines then you get to know that they are for completely different activities. Water trampolines come with an inflated pad on which people jump.

Water trampolines are huge ones and they come in large sizes frequently. Large trampolines are usually known for jumping high into the air.

Most oftenly, people use such trampolines in combination with some form of water slide.  People are thrown into the water, and it can be rather entertaining.

However, there are risks as well so ensure that you have strong swimmers on standby in case you get into trouble. As long as you take the right safety precautions, it will be a great source of enjoyment in summers. 

Such water trampolines are contained within an inflatable structure. People can climb to the top of the trampoline and bounce about as usual. When fully inflated, it measures 25 feet in circumference and 42 inches in length. If you live near a lake, it will be a fantastic addition to your summer activities.

This kind of trampoline is too risky to be used in a pool so make sure to use it in a large natural body of water because it will be safe for your kids. 

Bungee Trampolines

Bungee trampolines are quite different from traditional ones because you can’t buy them at a store. Such trampolines are used frequently at special gatherings and events at a large level. There are bungee cords attached to a structure, as well as maybe a crane. Bungee trampolines allow jumpers to go higher than they have ever gone on a trampoline while remaining safe.

People who are strong enough to try this type of trampoline have usually had some experience with trampolines. The bungees keep everyone safe, and staff will be on hand to keep an eye on things. Even yet, jumping so high into the air might be a bit of a terrifying experience. Whether or not you will enjoy this type of trampoline experience is mostly determined by your personal preferences.

What is The Best Shape For a Trampoline And Why?

Each trampoline has its own characteristics that make it good to buy them. There are a variety of trampolines that appeal to specific user groups. A rectangular trampoline will be the best shape to choose if you are a member of a family who enjoy gymnastics trampolining. In addition, this kind of trampoline provides strong bounce and a flat surface area to those found at gymnastics clubs. 

Trampolines such as an oval, square and round are suitable for people who have young children. Because they do not want their kids to jump high it may cause them to fall on the ground. Square and round trampolines are appealing for single users while an oval trampoline is recommended if more than one person will be using it. Remember that a square and oval trampoline has a larger bouncing space. For individuals, a rectangular trampoline is a viable option if their budget is not much high. 

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying a Trampoline: 

Before buying a trampoline for yourself, do consider the following factors such as;

Right Shape

Choosing shape for your trampoline is one of the most important factors. Before buying, consider which shape will work best in your outdoor space? With which shapes are you comfortable and interested in?

Perfect Size 

You have to choose the size of your trampoline according to the size of your outdoor or indoor space. Look for which are the smallest and largest items that will fit in your available space?

Enough Weight Limit 

Different trampolines come with a variety of weight and age restrictions. Do consider what is the smallest trampoline weight limit that will support the overall weight of the persons who will be using it?

Strong Frame

After considering the weight, size and shape, do consider the design, weight, and material of the frame. You’ll want to make sure that the frame is solid for keeping it usable for a long time, especially if it will be used frequently.

Steel Springs

These are the important components of a trampoline and you must check them out.  These springs are used to connect the net to the frame of a trampoline. Look for the trampoline with springs or without springs.

Trampoline Safety Nets 

It is optional if you are buying a trampoline but it is a great idea if you install one on any elevated trampoline. A safety net can play a role in your kid’s safety. A safety net is included with every above-ground trampoline we sell.

Bottom Attachment 

If you are buying a trampoline without springs then think about how you will attach the net with the frame. It’s important to use bottom attachment because it will form a seal around the bottom of the container such as hooks.

Durable Jumping Mat

Before buying a trampoline, do consider a high quality jumping mat because it will help your trampoline in strict weather conditions. It will extend the life of your trampoline if you use it frequently in storms, rains, and snowfalls. You can also go for a waterproof jumping mat.

Safety Pads

Safety pads will play a role in covering the sides of the trampoline to prevent your fingers, hairs, and toes from getting trapped in the springs. Double-check the pad to ensure that it fits properly over the borders and will provide some padding in case you fall on top of it.

Other Safety Features

You should also measure other safety features while buying a trampoline such as ladders and an entry closure. Safety always comes first and  then you can enjoy your time after considering all safety precautions. 

Price Point

In the whole procedure, the price will be the most important thing because if you buy your ideal trampoline then that should also be affordable for you in price. Ofcourse, spending extra money on a high quality trampoline will help to extend the life of your trampoline as compared to cheapest ones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can You Maintain Your Trampoline?

To maintain your trampoline, it is important to take care of it like cleaning it before using it. Do check for rusty springs on a regular basis and on snowy days, wipe out the snow with a soft brush. Look after your trampoline throughout the year in every weather condition such as storm, rain, and snowfall. 

How Many Years Does a Trampoline End?

If you fairly use your trampoline and leave it outdoors then it can end till 5 to 8 years. Clean it before every use and check it out frequently. However, you can extend the life of your trampoline if you take well care of it or by replacing the pads and springs. 

When is the Best Time to Buy a Trampoline?

If you have a low budget then you can consider buying a trampoline at the end of the summer and early fall season. Because at this time, store owners look for different winter things. 


When you spend your money buying something then that should also be worth it. Before buying a trampoline, keep in mind all the factors and features discussed above because those can help you to put less effort and money.

Choose the shapes or type of trampoline according to your purposes of buying and requirements. Remember to double check all the safety features, durability and user reviews before buying one for yourself. If you buy a high quality trampoline for once then you can use it for a long time.

Rectangular trampolines are best to choose because they offer a large surface for jumping high with multiple individuals. Once you have decided all the things, then go for it and be ready to have fun with your friends and family.