Complete Trampoline Size Guide: Easy to Understand Size Chart

In case you are planning to buy a trampoline then finding the right size is the basic and one of the crucial things, so here is our Complete Trampoline Size Guide which is going to …

Complete Trampoline Size Guide

In case you are planning to buy a trampoline then finding the right size is the basic and one of the crucial things, so here is our Complete Trampoline Size Guide which is going to help you in finding the right size according to your need!

The right size of a trampoline can be found by considering some important factors such as what age group is going to use the trampoline, how many people will use it, and the size of your backyard where you are thinking of assembling the trampoline.

Selecting the right size of the trampoline provides you both, the maximum height of jumping and protection from any injury that may have occurred otherwise.

Why Do You Need the Right Size Trampoline?

The trampoline has proved to be a source of fitness along with being a source of enjoyment for people of all age groups. Your kid should jump over a trampoline rather than jump over a bed. But just like jumping on a bed, jumping over the trampoline too can be dangerous sometimes.

To avoid any bad accident while one is jumping or bouncing over the trampoline, you are needed to choose the right size of the trampoline.

The trampolines come in many sizes including mini, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The sizes of these trampolines normally vary in diameter only.

Trampoline manufacturers are offering different shapes too such as round-shaped trampolines, oval-shaped trampolines, rectangular-shaped trampolines, octagonal trampolines, and hexagonal trampolines. Each shape of the trampoline offers different functions while each size of the trampoline is manufactured for different age groups.

It is important to consider some factors while choosing the right size of the trampoline. These factors include:

  • The age of the users (for weight limit and safety)
  • Should provide proper bouncing
  • Appropriate for the backyard size
  • Cost factor (according to the budget)

The Standard Trampoline Size:

The standard trampoline size starts from 8 feet and goes to 15 feet. A trampoline having a size below 8 feet or a trampoline with a size above 15 feet cannot come in the range of the standard trampoline size. The average trampoline size, however, is 12 feet.

The most popular trampoline size is 8 feet and 10 feet round trampolines. These trampoline sizes are considered a fit-all. In addition to the space, they are also budget-friendly.

Most of these trampolines come with a weight limit of 75 kgs and can be used for children from 4 to 12 years of age. Some of these trampolines can even tolerate the weight of an adult and hence can be enjoyed by all family members.

The most popular trampoline shapes are round trampolines and rectangular trampolines. Round trampolines offer better recreation while rectangular trampolines are being widely used for gymnastics.

Young boys prefer round trampolines over rectangular trampolines while girls prefer rectangular trampolines as they support dance routines.

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Choosing the Perfect Size Trampoline for Yourself:

By choosing the perfect size of the trampoline while keeping in mind the age group of the users, their weight, and the number of people, it should be suitable for your backyard as well. A large-sized trampoline can give extra bounce and hence is always recommended. But for the large size of the trampoline, you need more space.

The range of the trampoline sizes starts from toddlers and goes to adults. Some trampoline sizes available in the market are discussed in this article.

Round Trampoline Size Guide:

Round trampolines are the most famous among all the shapes available for the trampoline. They provide central bouncing to the person who is jumping or rebounding over them and hence provides more safety than other trampolines. The common unit sizes available in round shapes are:

  1. Under 8 feet diameter

Trampolines with a diameter size less than 8 feet are known as mini-trampolines or bouncers. The least size available for this range is 3 feet and comes with and without a handrail.

Those mini trampolines that come with handrails are known as bouncers and offer a relatively low weight limit. Such trampolines are made for kids who are 3 to 7 years old. These trampolines have a longer time span.

Mini trampolines are for smaller families and kids that allow jumping of one kid at a time.

  1. 8 ft to 12 ft diameter

Trampolines with a diameter size of 8 to 12 ft are known as medium size trampolines. These trampolines provide flipping along with jumping and rebounding.

Medium size trampolines can be used by kids and also by small-sized adults. These trampolines do not have enough space hence only one jumper can use it at a time.

The weight range of medium size trampolines is 175 to 250 pounds. These are to be used by kids who are older than 7 years and small-sized adults. 

  1. 14 ft to 15 ft diameter

Trampolines with a diameter size of 14 to 15 ft are known as large-size trampolines. These trampolines can be used for acrobatic activities, jumping, rebounding, and gymnastic dance.

Large trampolines are manufactured with a larger weight limit. These trampolines allow jumping to multiple kids at a time.

The area and weight limit of large trampolines are larger than other trampolines and hence these are preferred to be used by big families. These trampolines are designed for kids of ages more than 10 years and also allow adults to do exercise over them.

Rectangular Trampoline Size Guide:

Rectangular trampolines come with spacious space and additional attributes. These trampolines allow the jumping of multiple kids at the same time and hence are usually installed in trampoline parks and schools.

A rectangular trampoline with a size 7×10 ft is manufactured for small families and compact gardens. These trampolines are safer for kids and provide even bouncing effects.

  1. Junior gymnastic trampoline

The rectangular trampolines with sizes 8×12 ft and 9×14 ft are known as junior gymnastic trampolines. These trampolines are useful for children ages 12 years or 13 years. These trampolines are good bouncers and occupy space less than a 12 ft round trampoline. They are designed to be used as an in-ground trampoline. 

These trampolines can be used for recreational and competitive sports purposes.

  1. Olympic size trampoline

A rectangular trampoline with lengths 10×17 ft is known as an Olympic size trampoline. These trampolines are the most commonly used size of rectangular trampolines.

The weight limit of these rectangular trampolines is mostly more than 400 pounds. These trampolines are good for children above 17 years and light adults.

The dimensions of these trampolines are according to the recommendation by Olympic and hence they can be used for world competitive sports. These trampolines are to be used by experts and children need supervision by parents or teachers to jump or bounce on these trampolines. The size and weight limit of Olympic size trampolines can be modified if required.

Trampoline Size Guide

Complete Trampoline Chart and Pricing Chart:

Trampoline SizeWho Can UseWhere to UseFocused FeatureWeight Limit Mat SizePrice
3 ft to 5 ft for kids1 to 3 yearsIndoor/outdoorCushion bounce for fun 100 lbs2.5 to 4.5 ft$ 75
5 ft to 6 ft4 years and 5 yearsIndoor/outdoorLow-impact bounce 150 lbs4.75 ft$ 150
7 ft to 9 ft5 to 7 yearsOutdoorExercise + Fun 200 lbs6.65 to 7.7 ft$ 200
10 ft8 to 10 yearsOutdoorExercise + Fun 250 lbs8.75 ft
$ 250
12 ft10 to 12 years, small familyOutdoorExercise + Fun300 lbs10.75 ft$ 350
14 ftTeenagers and familyOutdoorGymnastic purpose350 lbs12.75 ft$ 400
15 ftTeenagers, gymnastics, and familyOutdoorGymnastic purpose400 lbs13.75 ft$ 500
16 ftTeenagers, gymnastics, and familyOutdoorGymnastic purpose450 lbs14.5 ft$ 550
17 ft and largerTeenagers, gymnastics, and adultsOutdoorGymnastic purpose500 lbs15.5 ft$ 600
3 ft to 5 ft rebounderAdults and seniorsIndoor/outdoorWorkouts300 lbs3.5 to 5.5 ft$ 100

Trampoline Size Guides for Different Ages:

Some commonly used trampoline sizes are discussed below:

Trampoline size for toddlers and kids:

  1. Mini-trampoline

The mini trampoline is made for toddlers and kids going to pre-schools. The size of the mini-trampoline varies from 3 feet to 5 feet. Toddlers and kids can play on these trampolines under the supervision of parents or teachers. Most of these trampolines come with a soft padded handle. These trampolines are light weighted and hence easy to carry.

  1. Trampoline with size 5 feet to 7 feet

The trampolines that come in sizes 5 feet to 7 feet can be assembled indoors or outdoors. It is preferred to place them in the garden but they can easily fit inside the house during winter seasons and hence bring never-ending fun to the users. These trampolines are ideal for kids aged from 4 to 5 years.

Trampoline size for children:

The trampoline of size 8 feet to 10 feet provides a standard size for kids and teenagers with ages from 6 to 12 years. However, these trampolines can be used by adults as well.

Trampoline size for Teenagers:

Trampolines with sizes from 10 feet to 14 feet are suitable for teenagers. These trampolines provide safe and even bounce for older children from 6 years to 12 years old.

Trampoline size for Gymnasts:

The trampoline with sizes 14 feet to 17 feet is to be used by gymnasts and also for acrobatic activities. It gives a higher bouncing and a better rebounding than many other trampolines. Trampolines made for gymnastic purposes are not to be used by kids or non-experienced people as they can get injured due to higher jumping or re-bouncing.

Trampoline size for adults:

Rebounding over a trampoline is a great source of exercise for adults. Rebounding for 10 minutes over the trampoline is equivalent to an hour of workout. These rebounders come in small sizes, they are so small in size that can easily be put in closets after folding. These trampolines are easy to carry and can easily be moved to offices or outdoor trips.

How Big Is a Full-Size Trampoline?

The range of commonly used full-size trampolines is from 8 ft to 15 ft. The standard size of these trampolines is 12 ft. Full-size trampolines are made for larger outdoors.

How Tall is a Trampoline?

For small-size trampolines (6 ft to 8 ft), the height of a trampoline is normally 2 ft. For larger trampolines, the height from the ground level is 3 ft. The total height of the trampoline varies from 6 ft to 9 ft while including the enclosure safety net of the trampoline.

How big is the Olympic Trampoline?

The shape of the Olympic trampoline is rectangular. The size of an Olympic trampoline is according to the dimensions defined by the Olympic association. The dimensions of an Olympic trampoline are 10 ft × 17 ft.

How to measure Trampoline Sizes?

Measuring the size of a trampoline is important whenever you are trying to replace some part of the trampoline. A measuring tape is required to measure the size of the trampoline.

It is recommended to measure the length, width, and diagonal of the trampoline at least three times and then to find the average. Finding the average reduces the probability of any error in the measurement. Average can be found by adding all the measurements and then dividing the sum by the number ‘3’ i.e., dividing by the total number of readings.

Measuring Round Trampolines:

All the sides of round trampolines are of the same size and hence can be measured easily. The length is measured from one outer edge to the opposite edge of the trampoline frame.

Next, detach at least three springs. Measure the average length of the trampoline spring and subtract the value from the already measured length. Hence you will be able to find the length of the mat of a round trampoline.

Measuring Rectangular Trampolines:

Rectangular shapes have two four sides in such a way that the length of the two sizes is equal but is different from the length of the other two sides. To measure the size of the rectangular trampoline, the length of each of two different sides (measure the length of the smaller side and then the length of the larger side).

Start measuring the length of the longer side from the outer frame to the other side of the same side. Note the value. Next measure the length of the shorter side by repeating the same method. This way you will get the size of the other side as well. Now remove the springs and measure them. Subtract the averaged answer from the values calculated for both sides of the trampoline. You have successfully found the value of the trampoline mat now.

Measuring Square Trampolines:

All the sides of a square trampoline are of the same length. Hence measuring the size of a square trampoline is easier than measuring the size of a rectangular trampoline.

Start measuring the size from the outer side of the frame to the other side of the same side. Remove at least three springs to find the average value of the trampoline springs. Subtract the value of the springs from the length measurement of one side of the trampoline. This is the size of the square trampoline.

Some Best trampoline brands to buy:

The best brand to buy trampoline accessories is VULY trampoline. This is an Australian-based brand and is at the top of the list of the best brands.

The brand is my favorite since it is premium with affordable prices. VULY trampolines are known to be the safest trampolines as compared to all other brands that are manufacturing trampolines for homes.

The most amazing thing about the VULY trampolines is the warranty time that is being offered by these trampolines. The brand is offering a warranty of 10 years for trampoline frames and trampoline tubes. They are offering a 5 years warranty on the trampoline mat.

The brand is also offering some special accessories for your trampoline. Water mister manufactured by the brand offers coolness in the hot summer weather. A trampoline deck is being offered for skateboard trick practice over the trampoline. It is also offering a trampoline basketball hoop to enjoy your time over the trampoline in a better way.

The best brand option for adults however is different. Extra-large Thunder Pro Trampolines are found to be the best choice for adults.

Specifications about the best choices according to the size of your trampoline are shown as below:

Trampoline SizeBest Model
3 ft to 5 ftLittle Tikes 3’ Trampoline   
5 ft to 6 ftSkywalker 5 ft Mini Trampoline
7 ft to 9 ftClevr 7 ft kids Trampoline
10 ftAOTOB 10 ft Trampoline with Enclosure Net
12 ftSkywalker 12 ft Trampoline with Basketball Hoop
14 ftGaintex 14 ft Outdoor Trampoline
15 ftZupapa 15 ft Trampoline  
16 ftMerax 16 ft Trampoline
17 ft and largerUpper Bounce 10×17 ft Rectangle Trampoline
3 to 5 ft rebounderStamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline

FAQs – Complete Trampoline Size Guide

What Sizes Do Trampolines Come In?

Trampolines come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The sizes of trampolines are 3 ft to 5 ft, 5 ft to 6 ft, 7 ft to 9 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft, 15 ft, 16 ft, 17 ft, and larger.

What is the best Size Trampoline for Gymnastics?

The best size trampoline for gymnastics dance and sport is 15 ft trampoline, 16 ft trampoline, and 17 feet or larger size trampoline.

What Size Trampoline for 13-Year-Old and Younger?

Mini-size trampolines are for toddlers. They come in size 3 to 5 ft and are for kids aged 1 to 3 years.

Small-size trampolines are for children. They come in size 5 to 6 ft and are used for kids who are 4 or 5 years old.

A trampoline with a size 7 to 9 ft is made for the kids who are 5 to 7 years old.

10 ft trampolines are manufactured for kids of age 8 to 10 years.

The trampoline with a size of 12 ft deals with kids of age 11 to 12 years.

Are trampoline Prices based on their Size and Quality?

Yes, the trampoline prices are based on size and quality. Cheap trampolines are not famous for good quality normally.

What Are the Size Variations of Mini Trampolines?

The size of a mini-size trampoline is less than 8 feet and these trampolines are good for toddlers as well as children of age less than 10.

Do All Brands of Trampolines Come with The Same Sizes?

No, not all brands of trampolines come in the same sizes. The sizes manufactured by different brands offer different sizes according to their quality and demand by the market. However, you may find some common sizes among different brands.

What is the best size trampoline for the backyard?

The best size of the trampoline for the backyard depends upon some factors. These factors include the space of the backyard, the age and the weight of the users as different sizes of the trampolines come with different weight limits.

The suitable size of the trampoline also depends on how many kids or adults will be using them for jumping or bouncing. Similarly, trampoline size depends upon how you want to use the trampoline.


If you are planning to install a trampoline in your house then you should do some research work about them before buying one. Trampoline manufacturers are offering a good range with different features. You can buy a trampoline either for outdoor use or one which can be used indoors too.

Similarly, you can pick the right size of the trampoline to get the best exercise or jumping for you and your family members. You can decide about the safest one for your kids to protect them from any kind of injury. Also, you can train a teenage kid to practice well at the trampoline and help him make professional gymnastics.